HYS is proud to continue its tradition of providing travel soccer to Hopkinton’s aspiring athletes. Travel Soccer provides player development opportunities for children in grades 3 through 8 that builds on the success of the Town Program.  Additionally, the travel program accepts all players that register during the registration period.  Registered players are placed on teams based upon volunteer coach recommendations, players do NOT need to attend tryouts.

Each player can expect:

  • Weekly Team Practice- one night during the week
  • Games on Saturdays (typically 5 Home games and 5 Away games)
  • A second weekly team practice led by Revolution Academy Coaches for 6 weeks 
  • Optional Training for Skills, SAQ,  Shooting/Finishing and Goalkeeping

HYS Travel Soccer is made possible by the volunteer coaches.  Their efforts leading team practices and coaching games are critical to the program’s success.  By complementing their efforts with a second weekly team practice and skills training, in cooperation with the Revolution Academy, HYS Travel Soccer provides multiple opportunities for your players continued development.

HYS Travel Soccer is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with its partnership with the Revolution Academy, each team participating in the travel program will be provided a second weekly practice (the “Second Weekly Team Practice”).  The Second Weekly Team Practice will be led by a Revolution Academy coach with the assistance of one or more members of the team’s regular coaching staff.   The objectives of the Second Weekly Team Practice are:

  • (1) to provide our players the opportunity to practice together twice a week as a team and
  • (2) as HYS teams generally are organized based on similar skill level, to provide a professionally coached practice session that aligns with the skill level of the team.  

It is important to note the following:

  • The Second Weekly Team Practice will be determined at the beginning of each season.  Your player’s coaching staff will provide the scheduling information as it is available and, when available.
  • The Second Weekly Team Practice is a mandatory practice for all players.  However, HYS appreciates that many players may have conflicts that will restrict their attendance from time to time.  If your player is unable to attend the practice any particular week, please provide ample notice to your coaching staff;
  • There is no additional fee for the Second Weekly Team Practice.