Referee Checklist

InTown and Travel

Be properly dressed:

  • Official referee shirt – Yellow (primary), red, black, or blue (long or short sleeved – if it is cold and you only have a short sleeved uniform, wear a black long-sleeved shirt and layers underneath)
  • Referee badge for the current year
  • Black shorts
  • Black shoes – cleats or sneakers
  • Black soccer socks, preferably with white stripes
  • Shirt tucked in!

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Whistle
  • Coin for coin toss
  • Pad of paper and pencil
  • Red and Yellow cards (travel only)
  • Wristwatch
  • Linesman flags (travel only – center must bring flags, ARs should bring flags too)
  • Water bottle (stay hydrated!)

Optional Equipment and Clothing:

  • Sunscreen
  • Air pump
  • Plastic Bag (to be used inside sports bag to keep clothing dry)
  • Extra referee shirt in an alternate color
  • Black warm-up pants (not preferred, but acceptable in cold weather)
  • Long underwear
  • Black gloves/black hat
  • Jacket, black (only to be worn in extreme cold, if layers aren’t enough)

Arrive at least 15 minutes before game time to check the field:

  • Goals must be secured to ground. If held with bags, bags must be to rear of frame.
  • Check nets. Be aware if there is any hole and report after the game.
  • Check that the field is lined adequately.
  • Make sure the home coach has put out corner markers. Discs can be used to mark corners.
  • Check field for obstacles. Remove any debris, such as rocks, sticks or trash.
  • Look for dangerous conditions, especially inspecting for soft areas due to wetness, holes, rocks, etc. Confer with the coaches if you are considering canceling the game for safety concerns – but the final decision is up to you.
  • Keep an eye on the weather too.

About 10 minutes before game time:

  • Introduce yourself to the coaches.
  • Let them know you understand the Zero Tolerance Policy. Do they?
  • Collect team rosters. (travel only)
  • Coach gives you 2, keep one roster, give one to opposing coach.
  • Check coach pass cards.

Have players line up for inspection:

Call attendance from rosters. (travel only)

  • BAYS: All players must be on roster. No hand-written names.

Check cleats: Soccer shoes. No metal cleats allowed. Sneakers OK.

Check shin pads: All players MUST wear. They must be completely covered by socks.

NO JEWELRY – NO CASTS. Players must remove all jewelry, including earrings.

  • Soft hair elastics or very flat hair “snaps” are allowed. Casts are NOT allowed.

All players must be in uniform:

  • Shirts must be matching or very similar. If not, players can wear pinnies.
  • All shirts must be tucked in to start game, quarters and halves. You can ignore it if they come untucked
  • during the game or ask player to tuck shirt in too.
  • If extreme cold, players may wear sweatpants or leggings. They should be worn under shorts.
  • Shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt.
  • Goalkeepers MUST be dressed differently than players on BOTH teams.
  • If the 2 teams have similar colors and you think it may be confusing, ask the home team to wear pinnies.
  • This is up to you, not the coaches.
  • Goalkeeper can wear soft-brim hat if sun is a factor.
  • Field players may wear brimless hats if weather is cold
  • Ask the players if they have any questions.

Call captains:

  • Visiting team gets to call the coin flip
  • Winner of coin flip chooses side of field, other team starts with ball
  • Discuss any pertinent information with captains

After the game:

  • Monitor teams as they shake hands.
  • Contact Referee Director/Assignor to report any significant issue.
  • Complete the game report on the BAYS website (travel only).