Covid-19 Policy

We thank you so much for your patience, understanding and support over the last few weeks and months. We are delighted to welcome you back to the fields in the next few weeks as we return to play! We know and appreciate families have had reservations, concerns and questions surrounding our return to play and our management has worked incredibly hard to provide all the information below.


Covid-19 Policy

Attached below is our published HYS Covid-19 Policy. This is your start point for any questions around keeping our players and families safe as we return to play. This is an incredibly detailed policy that we encourage you to take the time to read before reaching out with queries. Thank you for your attention.

This detailed policy covers numerous items, but the key points include:

  • PPE and Social Distancing Regulations
  • Cleaning and Safe Habits
  • Practice and Game Day Procedures
  • Self-Attestation and Track and Tracing Procedures.
  • Positive Test implications and communication.

We thank you so much for your attention to all the information. Whilst it sounds daunting, we want to reassure parents that HYS is fully compliant with all governing body and government regulations ahead of this fall season. Providing a fun and safe environment for our young players and people remains our primary goal and we cannot wait to see you all on a field soon!

If you do have subsequent questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the contact personnel below:


Director of Coaching
Kevin Friel: [email protected] 

President / Covid Safety Officer
Amy Mick: [email protected]

Operations/Registrar/Field Scheduler  
Lara McCann: [email protected]


Amendments from Fall 2020

Below is a summary of items that have been added, amended or omitted since Fall 2020 Version 3 of this policy.

Section 7, Point 11         AMMENDMENT

Section 14, Point 2         AMMENDMENT

Section 15, Point 1-6      ALL AMMENDED