Sideline Etiquette

At HYS we value and appreciate all the sacrifices and contributions parents make to the participation of your children in our soccer programs! Below are some guidelines and policies for being a facilitator in your child's enjoyment and development as a player at Hopkinton Youth Soccer


Values to practice as a parent:

  1. Respectful  -     To coaches, teammates, opponents and officials
  2. Punctual  -     Be on time and well prepared for practices and games
  3. Understanding  -     Be empathetic to all players and understand it is a learning process
  4. Relax!  -     It is just a game! Cheer all players for good play
  5. Supportive  -     Mistakes are brilliant! Losing is brilliant! It is all a chance to learn and grow!

“Parents have the potential to be the most contributing factor to a destructive and tormenting experience a young athlete has… However, they also have the ability to be a key pillar of support for children, lifting them up to realize their potential”


Game Day:

  1. Bring a chair! (And sit in it!)
  2. Cheer for good play from both teams and all players
  3. Leave the referee alone! (Zero Tolerance Policy)
  4. Leave the coach alone! (24 hour policy)
  5. Do not coach from the sideline… “Go go go”  “Shoot it!”  “Pass it!”


24 Hour Policy:

HYS asks you to please refrain from approaching the coaching staff with concerns, questions or complaints until after the 24 hour cooling off period following the conclusion of a game. Emotions are always running high after a game (especially when it might not go well!) and at HYS we firmly recommend and enforce a 24 hour non-contact period for parents and coaches to reflect themselves before engaging in conversation. Coaches are encouraged and empowered to remind parents of this policy and exercise it where appropriate. 


BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy:

Coaches, players and parents are all required to adhere to the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy on game day. It can be seen in full HERE