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Registration occurs late May to early June yearly.  Academy registration fees include the fall/spring season (10 games each), a fall/spring tournament (3 game minimum), two weekly team practices, and preseason practices. The cost for these activities include: registration fees, field rental, referee wages and coaching fees.  Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.

Each player will also need to purchase Adidas Climalite game and practice uniforms (shirt, shorts, socks), an Under Armour hooded sweatshirt and an Adidas Soccer backpack. Each item is personalized with the player’s last name and number.

Academy program costs are $1250 for the 2022/23 seasons (fall and spring). A comparison of what the cost includes is listed on the Program Summary page of the website.

The Hopkinton Academy Program is open to all Hopkinton residents. Players that play “Club” Soccer are not eligible to participate in the Academy.


Expectations and Commitment

Expectations of the Player

  • Players to be respectful to the coach and teammates at all times
  • Players to show commitment to both practice and games
  • Players to come focused to both games and training
  • Players to have full attire for both games and training
  • Players to have a passion for the game and a desire to improve as a player

Expectations of the Parent

  • Parents to refrain from sideline coaching of their or other players while supporting the team in a positive and enthusiastic manner
  • Parents to be respectful of the Zero Tolerance referee  policy
  • 24 hour rule: Parents not to approach the coach with feedback or corrections on game day or at training
  • Parents to ensure players have all the required training attire
  • Parents  to inform the coach with at least a days notice if they cannot attend training or a game

Expectations of the Coach

  • Coach to be approachable and personable to all parents and players
  • Coach to look and act professional at all times during training and games
  • Coach to be punctual, organized/prepared for each training session and game
  • Coach to communicate game feedback after each game during the season
  • Coach to always put the development of the player ahead of the score line and team record

Commitment Policies

  • All players will be expected to attend at least 60% of practices. (Religious Holidays Excluded) We strongly encourage players to attend all practices in order to enhance player development and teamwork. Failure to meet these requirements could affect playing time.
  • All players will be expected to attend  80% of games (including tournament weekends), if players miss more than 20% of games they will be required to remain on the bench for the first half of  their next available game. (Religious Holidays Excluded) We strongly encourage players to attend all games in order to enhance player development and teamwork.
  • We have established these guidelines so that players and teams are all treated fairly. It is not fair for a team to have a player or group of players that are only available for a limited number of practices or games. This does not promote teamwork or honor the commitment made to the Academy, Coach, Players, or Parents.