Referee FAQ

Referee FAQ

How do I get paid?

HYS pays:

  1. All Intown referees - 2nd/3rd Grade InTown - $18.00 (effective 10/13/18)
  2. Assistant Referee Grades 5, 6 - $20 (effective 10/13/18)

HYS pays referees once at the end of the season. You do not need to fill out any pay forms. You will be paid based on the games you accept and referee.

BAYS pays:

  1. Center Referees: 3rd/4th Grade and up
  2. AR’s: 10th Grade and up

How long is my badge good for? 

Your badge is good for one calendar year (spring and fall seasons). You must recertify each year during the winter. If you take an initial certification during the summer, check that you get a badge for the following year. If so, then you will be certified for the upcoming fall season as well as for the full following year.

How do I get reimbursed for my referee course? 

Fill out a Request for Reimbursement. Click the pdf; Ref_Reimbursement_Form. To be reimbursed, you must actively ref for Hopkinton the following season.

What should I do if a coach or spectator violates the Zero Tolerance Policy?

Soccer is meant to be fun and safe, and the Zero Tolerance Policy helps to ensure that happens. All coaches, and in turn parents of players, have been advised of the policy. Find the Zero Tolerance Policy in the left-hand column under Rules.

If anyone ever violates the Zero Tolerance Policy at a game in Hopkinton, please notify the Hopkinton Referee Assignor, Ray Almeida at [email protected] immediately and complete the Zero Tolerance portion of the game report immediately.

How do I accept games?

Each week you will need to send the assignor your availability. The assignor will then send you the schedule for the upcoming week and you will need to confirm your games. For Travel games (3rd/4th Grade and up), you will also need to accept the game on the BAYS website. This applies to both center refs and AR’s.

Do I need to do a game report?

All Travel games (BAYS) need to do a game report (in the same section of the BAYS website as game acceptance) to get paid.

In Town referees need to submit an emailed game report to the assignor, Ray Almeida ([email protected]) and should include:

  • Final Score
  • Halftime Score
  • Start Time of Game
  • End Time of game
  • Field conditions
  • Any additional items worthy of consideration (i.e., Zero tolerance, serious injury, etc.

What is the length of quarters/halves for the various age groups?

  • InTown (2nd & 3rd grade): 4 12-minute quarters
  • 3rd/4th/5th/6th Grade: 30-minute halves
  • 7th/8th Grade: 35-minute halves
  • 9th/10th Grade: 40-minute halves
  • 11th/12th Grade: 45-minute halves

If the weather is questionable, how do I know if the game will be played or not?

If the weather is questionable, check the HYS website before going to the field. The website will be updated mid-morning for the second wave of games. Once everyone is at the field, it is your call as to whether the field is playable, and conditions are safe to play the game.

Should a player with a metal knee brace be allowed to play?

The BAYS rule book states ‘Players with orthopedic braces that have exposed, or uncapped metal parts are also not allowed to play.’ ( If a player has an uncovered brace, please tell them that they have two choices:  they can cover the brace or they can watch the game!

I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I contact?

Contact the Hopkinton Referee Assignor, Ray Almeida at [email protected]