Covid-19 Update

Monday 31st August 2020, 11am

Above is a link to our published HYS Covid-19 Policy. This is your start point for any questions around keeping our players and families safe as we return to play. This detailed policy covers numerous items, but the key points include:

  • PPE and Social Distancing Regulations
  • Cleaning and Safe Habits
  • Practice and Game Day Procedures
  • Self-Attestation and Track and Tracing Procedures.
  • Positive Test implications and communication


Players (or parents on their behalf) must complete a self-attestation questionnaire on the day of practice or games. Participants who have not completed this prior to arriving at a practice or game will not be permitted on/in to the facility and will not be allowed to participate.

The self-attestation questionnaire will be accessible in the following locations:

 a.     On the HYS website home page

b.      On individual team pages once parents/families/players login to the website

c.      On the AdminSports app once parents/families/players login

More clarification and instructions on how to complete this form and how to access team pages via our website and the AdminSports app will be forthcoming ahead of practices starting. Academy Teams will have received direct communication about Self Attestation for this week 8/31.